Thursday, October 12, 2006


- Michal Buble

Exams are always a good time to notice and appreciate the finer things in life...
the trivial, the otherwise invisible...
Adorning my room with plates, posters, magnets, momentos and moments.
Drilling and hammering mediated verse.
It is a time of indulgence and smells: the sweet, tingling scent of cinnamon tea, the raw sour smell of onion... kitchen smells.
Obsessive compulsive internet usage and time bound TV Schedules.
Entertainment is of essence.
When lightening lights up on the page in front of you and thunder shatters your concentration and the sound barrier.
Of futility and feeling, snuggling warmly into the sheets as you quiver with fear.
Early morning alarm clocks and calls, to wakeup (or not).
Blanking out and tuning in.
Unkempt hair and harrowed dressing.
Writing, thinking calculating. I have 6 minutes to finish writing this.
One day to go.

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