Saturday, July 15, 2006


- Tracy Chapman

I am thinking about...
a conversation i had this evening

I said...
too much.

I want to...

I wish...
everyday was a day like today

I miss...

I hear...
Woman like a Man - Damien Rice

I wonder...
if my fringe will ever grow back to normal length.

I regret...
cutting my fringe that short.

I am...

I dance...
in my room

I sing...
to myself walking along the street, in buses and trains.

I cry...
when im drunk...
when im sober...
when im upset...
when im happy...
hmmm lets just say easily.

I am not always...

I write...
always in my head

I confuse...
everyone and everything

I need...
time and solitude

I should try...
being me.

I finish...
in 5 months and 15 days.

I tag...
nobody in particular, everyone in general.

There it is at long last after much procrastination.

Thursday, July 06, 2006


- Billy Joel

Time and again life reinstills my faith in love, luck and moments.
Love of family and of friends.
i remain the prodigal daughter, a terrible friend.
Luck in some endeavors.
fear failure and challenge constraint.
Moments and memories....
fastly created, slowly erased.
Time is transient. Events ephemeral.
In this moment there is calm.
I believe in intuition and instinct
dreams and destiny.
I may not live up to my expectations.
I may not succeed. I will not debate this myself.
I will not question impulse.
I will not give up.
Temporary tranquility.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Automatic Blogging

The train brought me home.
The rain summoned the cool.
Distance made the heart grow fonder.
Silence and states of drunkeness and stupor made me ponder.
What? Why? Will it really?
When when when??
question objectives and reason.
question why I have felt so torn for the longest time.
wrong and worn for the longest time.

Missing memories and moments continue to elude.
Desperation and despair will protrude.
The urge to uplift.
The desire to desist.
The time is not now.

Distance continues to grow and yet proximity and trust develop.
The clock is ticking, goodbye is getting closer yet time goes by so slowly.
Friends are made... friends are being lost.
Sleepless nights, sleepy lectures.
Irony is omnipresent.

I will do the tag soon I promise.

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