Thursday, April 27, 2006

Walk Alone

- Jack Johnson

Its just one of those times when you feel cornered and so alone.
One of those days when you hated yourself and you know they would agree.
You agree, to never ever be friends with you.
Its in this moment I want to reach out and hug you, in this moment I want to burst into tears.
Just one of those times I need to know it will get better, no that I know...
I need you to tell me it will get better.
One of those nights I can't get to sleep.
A time I miss my mother and my best friends... all of them.
People I ignored, sidelined and took for granted.
The people I love the most.

The precariously positioned pile has toppled.
Spoiled, spilling over.
spick and span.
Disaster Management conducted.

All he ever does is walk alone.
Many can only walk so far.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Mortal Combat

- the scorpions

Its another one of those many mornings when you cringed crawling out of bed, rolled out on the wrong side and would give absolutely anything to have your phone die a painful and noiseless death so that snooze lasts forever leaving you to snuggle back into the sheets.
Solemnly Seeking Solitute.
The second day you feel weak, not just in the knees and hay fever is at its height. The eyes are heavy the head is light.
Head hot, feet fridgid.
And yet I'm in one of my most exciting but not so productive phases and I'm lovin it.
Loving my job, hating my commitments.
Loving the exhaustion, hating the stress.
Loving the achievement, hating the work.
Loving the relationships that form, hating the fights that ensue.
Loving my room taking shape, hating moulding it to be.
Loving the roller coaster, leaving you exhilerated.
The backlog will pile up...
The pile will loom over me, positioned precariously....
The precarious positioning will predict what is to come...
What is to come will arrive, the crash...
The great depression.
And I will come out of it.
But until then....
I'm lovin it!

Tuesday, April 04, 2006


There is music for every mood, and a song title for every post.... well almost...
Having blatently plagerised song titles and adopted them as my own on many an occasion I have decided to give the artists who inspired them thier due...
(Also I have nothing else to say so im trying ot rehash what I have already in the hope inspiration will kick in soon enough)
Wake me up when september ends - Greenday
Winds of Change - Scorpions
A Rush of Blood to the head - Coldplay
Goodbye to you - Michelle Branch
Blue daba dee - Eiffel 65
Torn - Natlie Imbruglia
Hung up - Madonna
Comfortable - John Mayer
Hanging by a moment - Lifehouse
Wish you were here - Incubus
Happy - Travis
Unchained Melody - Righteous Brothers
Good People - Jack Johnson
The time is now - Moloko
The blowers daughter - And so it is... - Damien Rice
Somewhere in between - Lifehouse
Bring it back - Sing it back - Moloko
Far Away - Nickleback

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