Thursday, November 29, 2007

Me Gustas Tu

- Manu Chao

Me gustas la cafe me gustas tu.

Apparently coffee does work on me. Apparently im addicted to it in a wierd psychogodknowswhat sense. I need to quit the caffine. Seemingly among other things. I need to start risking and stop rationalizing. Rationalizing rations opportunities. I need to stop being content with the idea and start being scared by the reality. Your smart enough but am I really? Am I really ok with this? Everything controversial is shelved. Dusted regularly and filed back in place. It all looks great but is it really?
As a people we value certain traits and abilities putting them up on a pedestal much higher than others. We tell every person that they are unique and valuable and yet we dont value them. Creative is better than logical. Strategy is better than detail. Big is better than Small. Fast is better than slow. Leader is better than follower.But really can you lead without a team of followers? Strategize without analysts. Create without implementors? But still one is clearly better than other. Who decides really? And how? If white chocolate or Dark? Less or more? Here or there? potato potato?

Me gustas la noche me gustas sommeil.
Me gustas manana, me gustas itt.

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