Sunday, February 19, 2006


Theory of Relativity
Life is relative, not subjective relative.
Relation. Relative.To surroundings, people, circumstance and competition.
Its strange how less than perfect lasses and lassies begin to believe they're gods gift to (wo)man kind with egos to match when surrounded by the lesser perfect.
Have u met relatively intelligent einstiens flauntingthier superficial knowledge and transient academic achievement because people in thier college jsut arent smart enough. Make them compete with those a little better endowed and they are haggling with teachers for a mark or two because "how could he get more than me?!!"
Its hilarious!

Stuck on a feeling
Stereotypes, Bias, Pride and Pedjudice. We all have them, you think you don't but I know you do, one or another, sometime or other.
A student, sitting at the canteen held hands with someone of hte opposite sex. Is that strange? Different? Unheard of? Unusual? Absolutely not. Now what if I told you this student was visually challenged?
"Your a blind boy, behave like one" she said. But how do 'blind' boys behave? Is there a code of conduct a book of rules?
How likely are you to assume a visually challenged co-passenger is feeling you up? Would you brush it off as a mistake? How about if he was otherwise handicapped or mentally challenged?
Why do we assume taht they have noe sexual drive, desires or ability to violate? Or are they allowed those 'compensations' by virtue of being challenged?

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Guess who's tagged?

Tagged again... i am tagged...
okokok ill just get on with it then...

Four Jobs I have held:
Mmm... hmmm.... ummm...
I guess working in AIESEC Mumbai counts....

Four Movies I could watch over and over:
I find it incredibly hard to watch movies over and over but...
I have no idea why this isnt coming to me right now, and i might change this later but for now
Monsoon Wedding
My Best friends wedding
When Harry Met Sally

Four places I have liked:
Agra (apart from the objectification and day/night light robbery)
Kutub Minar
Blue Mountain

Four TV shows I love to watch:
Am quite random with the TV
Desperate housewives (about the only thing i watch regularly)
The Amazing Race (getting old now)
Discovery travel and living, apart from teh car/bike shows euch.

Four Places I've been on vacation to:
New Zealand

Four Places I'd Rather Be Right Now:
My bed
Lunch at Moshes with the birthday gurl
Actually absolutely anywhere on holiday

Four Sites I Visit Everyday:

For your 8 things tag, if anyone is really interested, i think i kinda coved it in this post

Friday, February 10, 2006

The God of Small Things

Cliché as it is, it is the small things that bring a smile to your face; in the middle of class, on a sleepy sunday morning, at an embitteringly boring party... whenever...
Strangely I can actually recall some of the little things that made me smile this past week....
That chill that ran down my spine. Unforseen, but not sudden.
The goosebumps that plagued my arm when they blew on my neck or nuzzled thier faces into it.
When I burrowed my face into his fragrant fragile frame, his teddy.
Those pants that finally fit.
When I "wasted" the day away, but still felt fulfilled.
Poetry. Music. Motion. Anything... under a canopy of trees, behind the library... anything.
I discovered a new blog. Nice blog. Blogger. Blogee.
I know i made someone really truly happy.
Seeing someone really truly happy.
Chocolates and ice cream; just the right kind. Friends; at just the right time.
Understanding exactly what you mean because ive thought it innumerable times, and again. You stole the words from my head and thought them, said them.
Because she remembered.
That special song starts playing, those memories follow suit...
Because I remember.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

And so it is...

Having ignored a few recent tags as a result of exhaustion and boredom, I have decided to be a sport this time and play along...
Tagged by jax to bore you with not one... not two... no not just three but twenty random facts about myself so here goes...

  1. Me now and me 5 years ago are two completely different people, I learnt more about myself in the last yearandahalf than my entire existance combined.
  2. I love personality tests and always hope i'll learn something about me, but find it pretty hard to pick answers to the questions.
  3. I am most often perceived as unapproachable and snobbish or too talkitive. Go figure.
  4. The only thing I actually like about my appearance is the colour of my skin.
  5. I am an excellent secret-keeper unless the secrets are my own.
  6. I tend to love things i suck at... dancing, math, football(just playing, watching is ok).
  7. I actually enjoy cooking and I'm not half bad. Although my younger brother is better.
  8. I have a passion for language, love learning them but bore of them equally quickly. As do I bore of almost anything else.
  9. I adapt to change faster than I even realise things are different.
  10. I have spent some time recently trying to define what intelligence is to me... and have only yet reached a semi-conclusion... Don't know what that says about my own...
  11. I can actually enjoy feeling dumb, and have taken up alot of things because they allow for me to do so.
  12. I used to believe I was very perceptive, than I started talking to people and realised I really wasn't and need things spelt out.
  13. I am incredibly indecisive and make 90% of my decisions, (from my major to what flavour of ice cream i want ) based on gut and instinct, I'm just lucky it generally works out.
  14. Patience is a virtue. One that I do not posess.
  15. I am quite the control freak and love things to go the way they should, if you wont do them liek that I will. It is very easy to sucker me into doing work for you.
  16. I am addicted to the internet and there is immense scope for the same with my cell phone. Sad but true.
  17. I am terribly unphotogenic, look absolutely awful in pictures. Or so i'd like to beleive, don't really want to look like that in person.
  18. Very very very ticklish. Also a pretty damn good liar.
  19. I am excellent at masking and/or denying my feelings for some one. Sometimes even I beleive me.
  20. I can get very attached to someone and yet not be at all dependent on them. I am extremely protective of people I like.

*Piggy Laugh, from the cartoons*

That is being all folks!

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

The time is now

Having recently returned from what I thought was Delhi but informed was Haryana, I am loving Bombay weather. Not to disregard that I enjoyed the (sometimes) bitter, biting cold, and senitimental sleepless nights.
Looking back on this experience that year and this one, listening learning (trying to) lead.
The bags were full and have been duly emptied. Reminants rendered redundant. The heart is heavy; head light and shoulders burdened?
Its a wonder travel and train journeys still excite me. It is a wonder they remain unique.
It is a wonder we adapt to change so easily, so fast. It is a wonder we don't even notice, especially not in ourselves.
Isn't it a wonder I needed 3 opinions to fill out a survey about ME?
Is it a wonder I wasn't the only one?

Do you ever have those connections that last only for a little while.
The type that hindi movie twins have, where your drinking water will quench my thirst, the beginning of your sentence is completed by the end of mine, when your hurt I feel pain?
I know that your nerves gave me butterflies and then made heart adn stomach sink, anchored right to the bottom. But then I floated up again and hope you did too. I can only hope.
Its always akward when there is no correct thing to say, not like when there is nothing to say, worse.
Worser still if you go right ahead and say the wrong thing, if you stop watching for just a second.

Again I questioned if things always work out for the best, the way they should.
Do we really have a predetermined path? fate? destiny?
Sometimes I kick in and demand control but sometimes I would liek to beleive.
Sometime is now.

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