Saturday, December 23, 2006

Time of my life

- OST Dirty Dancing

This has been difficult time of year in the life of me for the last few years, its always been full of decisions and change. For the bad, for the good and for the better.
But this year has by far been the toughest, the toughest decisions, the most avoidable change.
A change I thought I would look forward to.
A decision I thought I would never consider making and never regret.
But I was wrong, on both counts.
I was wrong and deeper in than I know it and I'm in no hurry to get out.
Quick sand continues to tickle my ankles and pull me in steadily.
I am still waiting for it all to disappear, for the functionality to cease, for the ground break open and suck me into the void that I can sense life will become...
And yet I know ill get used to it, just like I got used to this.
To this life style, to these people that I have grown to know and love.
People who I am myself with, in just a year.
People who helped me find myself in just a year.
People I am leaving after just a year.
A year where I had the time of my life.

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