Wednesday, September 27, 2006

tic tac tag

This post is dedicated to educatedunemployed who can be cursed at educatedunemployed@...

So then proceeding with 8 facts about me...
1. I store large amounts of food in my cupboard, from oreos, chocolate and granola bars to tea. This is largely to keep them away from my brother, and for when im too lazy to get something at night.

2. I love organisation of data. Not in general just data, my room could easily be mistaken for a garbage dump but if you needed to find a particular colour coded excel sheet on my laptop I could give you more specific instructions than you would care for.

3. I find it extremely difficult to swallow pills. I only recently learned to manage the whole pill, with about half a glass of water. However I continue to choke, sputter and have my eyes water.
Thank god I do not have a doctor or take medication!

4. I cut my own hair and fringe for lack of time and carelessness. At this point my hair looks a little better than a mop on my head and a little worse than a horse tail... I am also balding, so this probably won't last long.

5. Every friend I had upto the age of 14 was either entirely or partly bawi. Every person I knew upto the age of 14 assumed I was also either entirely or partly bawi.

6. Some of the happiest times in my life have been remembering the good times i've had. My greatest learnings have always come from self realisation.

7. I am more ambitious and less lazy than I choose to admit.

8. This is much harder than I thought it would be... but finally were at the last one. I have loved (and continue to love) more people than I thought possible before but I have never been in love. I am however reknowned for relationship advice ;).

This has been my first post in a long time whose title is not the name of a song, :) I quite like tags :) :)

Saturday, September 23, 2006


- Michal Buble

Monthly posting has become a regular feature on this blog.
No reading has also become regular and so I assume it is safe to come out of hiding...
Safe to un hibernate and rise to the surface.
Over the last month...
I have revisited the past and evaluated the present.
Re-discovered indulgence and lost out on my wadrobe.
Lost a friend and gained a few gadgets.
Continuted to write but forgotten to blog.
I have wished for sustainance and gained stength.
Hoped for understanding and gained support.
Tried to evade lonliness and made a few friends.
Strived to study and managed to learn.
I have been remembered, I have been forgotten, I am still here.
I have seen love and bitterness. I have seen motivation and defeat. I have seen faith and doubt. I have seen value.
Working to leave my mark and etch my legacy because the time is still short and continuing to diminish but I have miles to go before I go back home.

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