Tuesday, November 21, 2006


- Jack Johnson

Have you found that as you grow older your more comfortable with yourself... with your flaws your strengths your thoughts and ideas.
With being blunt, crude if they choose to see it that way.
With being fat or thin or just right.
With your screechy voice, nagging and paranoia.
Working on changing what you want to and keeping what helps.
You can finally make friends and I mean real friends, people you talk to and trust not hang out with. People who see and know different facets of you and like you all the same.
I will tell you you got fat, your jeans are ugly and your irritating me.
And then there are still things we don't do.
We won't admit that we drool in our sleep or dance in our rooms or secretly want to be a soapstar.
We won't ask you why there is a breakdown in communication. And why we are loosing what we had.
We will not admit how much we miss it. How much we want it back.
We still have too much of an ego.
We won't ask why you lied to us.
We won't admit we need them and depend on them.
We won't admit we were attracted to a friend.
We won't move out of the comfort zone.
We won't always tell the truth.
We are still too afraid.
When does it stop? Where does it stop?
Let me please breakdown.

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