Sunday, October 28, 2007


- E Type

The more I attach to the new the more I rediscover the old.
The more you give the more you get.

Small in size, big on borders.
Visits and visas.
Destination Unknown.

Turn Around
From Back to While
Turn Back Time
Then and Now

Life encased in a laptop.
History in words.
Words on a web page.
Flying from the nest, attached by the apron strings.
I want to be home.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Beautiful Day

- U2

When you wake up on the only side of the sofa to a sun that refuses to rise.
You rarely know it will be a beautiful day.
But then, sometimes, it is.
A day when you trusted everything but the sunscreen.
I finally found the place I've been looking unsuccessfully for, for so long.

I walked up and down without a fall and saw them mature into an irreplicable richness of color. To warm up and cool down, appreciate and enjoy your fortunate foolishness.

Inconvenient conversation, the paprika on an interesting pizza. Half over and half empty, I need to eat faster. I need a lot of things apart from the beautiful day, but tomorrow the day will start again.
It feels like time to get off the bumper cars and onto the roller coaster.

The clock ticks past midnight and it really felt like,
It's a beautiful day!

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Drop the Pressure

- Mylo

Increase the will and decrease the volume.
Taste but don't touch.
Dip your feet in.
Swim on the surface and you won't sink.
Drive on the roads if you don't drink.

I love the road, I love the ride.
Bumps, breaks and bruises.
Speed, space and success.
I just need to find my way home.

Mapping out my course.
Through willful weekdays and working weekends.
Bazd meg drop the pressure.

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